Give Yourself a Purpose

John - Mars, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

Do we have a purpose in this life? This is a question that may have many correct answers. But if we would like a yes or no answer, what do we need to think about? This question can be approached in many ways including religiously, economically, or even politically. However, I would like to answer this question by looking back at moments in my life in which I felt truly important or purposeful. With this approach, I believe we can come to consensus on an answer.

Have you ever lent a helping hand to a person who needed it? I’m sure that every human being has taken action to assist people who need help within the span of their lifetime. Once, I was playing around with my friends at our neighborhood park. We were all having a good time playing soccer and football. And while I was playing, I noticed a young child. He was no older than three years of age. He had tears falling from his eyes, and I knew that the boy was lost. I went over to him, and we looked for his parents together. We eventually found them, and the boy was reunited with his parents. The smile on his parents face and the thanks that I got from them was unforgettable. To be honest with you, I felt like a hero. These little events and moments of our lives make us feel important. They make us feel—purposeful.

I believe that if we try to answer this question without taking a religious, economical, or political approach, the answer would have to be yes. Every one of us does indeed have a purpose in this life. All we need to do is realize that it is there. We need to take action when it is needed, and we need to be active. Every single person that shares this earth has the ability to be purposeful. All he or she has to do is take advantage of it. Once one person takes advantage of an opportunity to do something useful and helpful, he has made himself purposeful in this life. If someone decides not to be active and take advantages of opportunities such as this, his life has no purpose. If people do not want to be active in this world, they will end up doing nothing.