Sara - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

A few years ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate and colon cancer. He had to undergo several surgeries, and many weeks of radiation. Thankfully, the doctors were able to cure him of his cancer.

Just last January, my grandfather came across another roadblock. He had to have another very serious surgery, open heart surgery. Again, he fully recovered.

I did not tell you about these specific incidents for sympathy or anything like that. I did not tell you to make you feel bad. I told you because of something I strongly believe in. I believe that you should live your life like there is no tomorrow. I believe everyone should live like this.

In my pap’s case, a tomorrow was never promised. His cancer could have taken him from us at any time. But his life was not complete. He still had many years left on this earth. He is still here, living everyday like it is his last. My pap experienced a life threatening situation, and could have lost everything and everyone he loved in a matter of seconds. Because of these experiences, my pap no longer takes life for granted; instead, he looks at it as a gift from god.

We never no what life has in store for us. Anything could happen. Our lives could be taken away from us just as easily as they were given to us. We can’t leave this world behind without living our lives to the fullest. Our lives wouldn’t be finished, they wouldn’t be complete. So we need to keep on living our lives and loving the life we live. Life is so precious and it must not be wasted.

I believe I am not promised a tomorrow. There is always a chance it will never exist. I believe that I should live life like tomorrow is not going to be there. In other words, I need to live happy, smile a lot, and regret nothing. I believe I should enjoy the life I was given. I must make the most of it. I believe we should all live like this. I believe we should all live like tomorrow isn’t coming.