Try to Achieve

Lucas - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe that one should NEVER give up. My belief exists as a result of an experience I had in the spring of 2008. I was in eighth grade and was a spontaneous, diligent drummer in the school band. After a successful audition, I received first chair out of about ten drummers. With this position came a lot of responsibility and maturity developed in my personality. Throughout the year, I thought forward. The next year of my life I would be in high school, and I thought about marching band and the skill involved in playing the coveted snare drum. With this position, I would certainly gain significant playing ability. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any confidence at all in myself. The audition happened around March, and I prepared tirelessly for it. The day came; I entered the audition, excelled and left. Soon, I was notified that I not only made snare, but I received fourth chair out of eleven snares. The honor that resulted in my heart and soul boosted my self esteem and taught me that a person should never give up their goals.

As band season nears to an end, I reminisce on my audition. From the beginning of eighth grade I worked my hardest to climb the ranks of the band. Not only does not giving up add to a person’s responsibility, but it helps them to deal with failure as well. When I look back and think what it would have been like to fail my audition and not make any instrument, I realize that I would have still felt perfectly fine because I knew that I tried my hardest. And although I might have failed, I still would have learned the same amount as a result.

My next audition, whether it be for band, for a sport, or for anything else, I will now know that if I do not even attempt to prevail, I will not. There’s nothing to lose. Only knowledge, experience and self confidence are gained. A worse feeling will preside in me if I just don’t try at all, and this felling is easily avoidable. My high school marching band audition was not only a success, but I learned the important life fact that is to never give up.