Everyone Can Change

bonnie - calhoun, Georgia
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: change

I believe that there can be change in anyone who welcomes it. I know this from true experience and living. I was brought up in a cruel drug infested and abusive household lacking any kind of encouragement or direction. Could I seek other refuge and make a change as an adult to break those cycles? For a moment, I feel into the drugs and the ordials that go along with them. Only to wake one day with not much of anything but my two wonderful kids. How could I have let them grow up the way I grew up? That viscious cycle could not repeat again. I made a decision to promote change in my life. If it wasn’t for me it was going to be for them! I stopped using the drugs and started using that money to contribute to providing for a normal life for them. I am now in college working on my RN degree and being the appropriate role model that every child needs. I am more proud of myself than anyone will ever know. I have succeded in being a mold breaker and changing my life for the common good of all those around me. I believe that change is good for those who seek it and those who need it.