Our Cosmic Home

Albert - Prescott, Arizona
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I believe in the inexplicably complex Cosmos in which we humans and other life forms find ourselves. I am overwhelmed by its mysteries. I am delighted at its apparent present expansion. I am flabbergasted by its size. I am awed by its seeming finiteness as well as by its seeming infinity. In a word, its beauty, size, and complexity inspire me profoundly.

If the Sun can support life for only five and a half billion more years, and if we are the ONLY such life forms in the COSMOS, I am humbled beyond words. If, on the other hand, there are similar life forms on another or many other such “Earths,” then I rejoice in such abundance and hope that some day, one of us may make contact with another planet’s inhabitants. If it is not, indeed, too late already, I hope and pray that we may become peaceable and cooperative with each other so that in our cosmic role, whatever that may be, we may be good stewards of CREATION.

Given this unbelievable rich and undeserved heritage, how can we possibly continue the kind of national or international behavior that could spell our doom at some future point? Plain old common morality should push us toward love of all living creation, both plant and animal.

When I die, as all living creations must, I shall still remain in the arms of this stupendous COSMOS. In fact, death and decay are our gift to future life forms. This comforts me to know that we nourish our descendants over the millennia. This vision of the future inclines me to believe that in the last analysis, we live in a benign COSMOS. This may be seen as a faith formed from a belief.

In sum, I am humbled to be the tiniest speck in this GREATNESS, but I am also magnified to be a part of this on-going experiment in intelligence, beauty, rationality, and incredible creativity that is represented by our COSMIC HOME. How wonderful to be alive and aware of the GLORY we are witnesses to!