Erica - Seattle, Washington
Entered on October 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Imagine this… You are sitting on a couch or a desk and are reading a book, a magazine or even an article about some interesting topic. When you read a sentence, about, oh say, a beach, what do you see? It’s a beach of course. But what do you see? The soft, warm sand beneath your feet, the rhythm of the waves as it reaches closer and closer to the logs that are snug tight between the large black and gray rocks that you probably stubbed your feet on. What else you can you all picture? The movement of the trees as the warm summer breeze blows across the beach? Or maybe it’s the little crabs that dance across the wet sands, leaving a temporary path? Isn’t it amazing how just a few detailed sentences I can say, and already, some of you can picture a beach? As a child and even now, you tend to picture images as you read or hear things that help you do so. This phenomenon, as I’d like to call it, sometimes feels like a dream, right? It makes you feel happy and want to believe that it’s actually real, and that if you think hard enough, it’s really in front of you. With that said, I believe in imaginations.

That’s the thing about imaginations, there’s no age limit or specific time period. You can start where ever, whenever and however you please. Whenever I read a book, there’s never a moment when I’m not imagining a person, setting or object. I let my mind run wild and help me picture my ideal scene, to help me fully capture my standards of a great book.

When you were a little kid, you probably imagined meeting Santa Claus, becoming an astronaut or flying like a superhero. Today, you imagine yourself going to college, getting a great job, falling in love and watching the Seahawks win the Superbowl! Imagination sparks the fantasies, dreams and hopes you can ever picture in your mind. In a way, imagination is the foundation of creativity and the inspiration to be happy.

Talents and skills are not required at all. What you really need is to relax and believe you can imagine absolutely anything.