I Believe That You Shouldn’t Be Judged Based on the Music That You Listen to

Clay - Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Entered on October 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe That You Shouldn’t Be Judged Based on the Music That You Listen to

Sitting in the back of a car, my friend’s sister’s friend in the front seat with her, I begin to become tired. Not wanting to fall asleep, I turn up the music on the silver Ipod that I’m listening to. I was listening to a song by my favorite band Dethklok, and she immediately turned around and gave me an inquisitive and slightly puzzled look. She then asked me “ Why in the heck do you listen to that kind of crap.” I could hear it in the tone of her voice. She thought that just because I listened to a type of music that many people considered “violent”, I was a bad person for it. This leads into one of the things that I believe strongest in the world. I believe that music doesn’t make the person, only their decisions that they make in life.

This type of occurrence doesn’t only happen to me. I hear people all the time calling other people names and even getting into fights based on the kind of music that they listen to. Many of my friends and I listen music that people would cringe if they listened to it. It’s known as Death Metal, and many people consider it to be “the devils music” and “that emo crap.” If a particular type of music makes you happy, shouldn’t you listen to it? If you liked the taste of pizza, and nobody else does, should you be made fun of and seen as an outcast because of it? This is how I see the situation, though I know many peoples’ views are completely different.

A very specific example of this that everybody has heard about is the Columbine Shooting. Everyone knows that the kids hid out in the woods with guns and then broke into the school and shot people. Now what some people may know is that some tried to blame the whole ordeal on the music that the kids listened to. So, not only do people judge people based on the kind of music they like, but now, they are blaming the artists of the music for causing kids to shoot up a school. In my opinion this is completely ignorant and people just have to find something to rationalize why the kids would do such a horrible thing. The real reason they did it is because they were picked on in school and were maybe a little troubled otherwise, but the music had no part in it. I seriously believe this.

So, next time you hear somebody listening to music that you find objectionable, think for a moment. Before you start making assumptions, you should try to find out more about them. If you want to make a comment about how much you dislike their music, I suggest keeping it to yourself and leaving them alone. This is what I do, and will always believe.