Never assume

John - springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that no one should ever assume. I believe this because if you assume you could first get into trouble, it could not be true, and it could get other people into trouble. One day my friend and I were playing in my backyard throwing rocks and right behind the private gate in my backyard there was a business and the cars would park right behind the gate. A little while later we were walking by the cars by the business and we noticed that one of the cars had a huge cracked windshield and so I thought that I had broke it since I was throwing rocks over the fence and he wasn’t. So I told my mom and after she looked at the windshield we went to go pay the guy for the windshield. So when we got there we told him what happened and he had kind of a mad look on his face. So we payed him and then as we walked back by the car to see the rock that we thought had gone through the windshield and instead of seeing a rock we saw a baseball! All in all, I did not break the windshield but I assumed that I did. I believe that no one should ever assume.