Love Must Be Practiced, Not Only Felt

Carl - USA
Entered on October 26, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

A lot of people say true love doesn’t last. I believe it does, if you work at it. In fact, I feel very strongly that love is like a ship on the sea. It requires a strong wind in its sails–of heartfelt passion, inspiration for sure, but the vessel of love requires upkeep, a lack of neglect, and constant care, and this makes it easy for the ship to find the wind, and keep sailing.

The upkeep of love is most of love, I believe. That is what keeps the love going. And to make it easier to weather the storms and the hazards of the sea, you have to set sail with your beloved with a “Rules of Sailing Bible” near the helm.

One doesn’t tempt oneself in unsafe waters. One doesn’t engage in fantasy tours n a dingy overboard. One doesn’t look afar, to other lands for too long, and one must dedicate one’s devotion to the the vessel and the shipmate one sets sail with.

Too many people spend too long hours away from their partners. They secretly look for better partners, according to income and status. They party too long with those that bring temptation to jump ship. They justify rendevous with others, they lie, and they don’t express their heartfelt feelings to their beloved.

For love to thrive, I believe in these ‘precepts’: 1. Make your focus the spiritual, personal, and health-oriented growth of the one you love. 2. Never lie to him or her. 3. Do not go into temptation. 4. Do not be demanding. And just as a ship requires care according to the nature of the way it was made, the one you love requires that you love him or her according to his or her needs, not yours. That is number 5., but perhaps the most important aspect of love. It is based on understanding who you are loving. Without understanding, there can be no love.

I believe when this is practiced by both parties, compromise is accomplished and great appreciation is fostered. Love is work as well as joy, and like a religion, love should have core principles, or precepts, that if followed and adhered to, will make the magic of love much easier to find and keep flowing.