What Will They Learn From You

Lorren - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on October 26, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: children

This I believe

I believe that children, above all teachings, should be taught kindness, forgiveness and gentleness. I believe that family is the force that spins our children off into the world; using their energy to do what ever it is they will end up doing. Family is the force that sets the early path of our children onto a direction that, may or may not take the same view as ours, have a slightly different outlook, or can send them gyrating off on to an entirely different purpose for their lives. Friends and acquaintances help to color their character, and their experiences give meaning to all that they have learned. All this will forge the way they eventually will make decisions, formulate judgments, and take actions in a persistent process of adding to and stirring the cosmic soup. We are all part of the whole; effecting and being affected by the outcome of infinitesimally tiny signals, we set to motion, that have great and stunning potential. So, I believe that when you interact with young children . . . be gentle, teaching them to “go forth and multiply” the kindness, forgiveness and gentleness they have learned from you.