Life is Precious, Live Simply

Darla - Galt, California
Entered on October 25, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

“Life is Precious, Live Simply”

I believe that life is precious and to make the most of it, we should keep it simple. As I look around me, I see hustle and bustle everywhere. This hustle and bustle calls to me and begs me to come out to play, to be, to do, and to buy. The daily bombardment of images and messages are telling me that it is not okay to be simply satisfied. I am compelled to entertain more, to be entertained more, to have more, and to offer more to my family. I must fight this urge, lest my life begins to pulse with the heartbeat of the frenzied society that surrounds me and pulls me away from simple times with my true loves.

As a wife, mother, employee and student, my time is precious and is pulled and stretched too thin. It is difficult to balance the necessities of life, while not neglecting those who are so important. To create this balance, I strive for simplicity. Simplicity helps to keep my mind uncluttered and in perspective, staying focused on who I was created to be and on those I love. Every day that rushes by, brings me one day closer to my last day.

This week a student at the elementary school where I am a Health Assistant finally lost her battle with a terminal illness. I wonder if her parents regret that she didn’t play more sports, or if they are so grateful for the quiet times they had with her. At seven years old, her view of life was so uncluttered with all the insignificant details we strive for. Remembering her, makes me thankful for my life and for the memories I share with my husband and sons. Her memory is another reminder for me to slow down, love, enjoy, and appreciate my family.

Tonight I will snuggle on the couch with my boys, my husband will read them a story, and then I will share my day with him and listen as he shares his with me. This Thanksgiving I will say no to all of the traditional fuss and fluff and we will go camping. Instead of slaving in the kitchen, I will throw a roasted turkey breast on the campfire, we will eat instant stuffing and mashed potatoes and then watch the paper plates curl and melt into the fire. We will take a walk on the beach and then my husband and I will stay up late by the fire, quietly talking, while our sons giggle and tell stories inside the tent. Commercialism and tradition will not dictate how I do and do not spend time with my family.

I will choose to continue to be simple and to simply love. This is a precious life and I choose to live it well.