I believe being the oldest daughter is being a second mother.

Angie - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

Since I’ve been seven I’ve always been taken care of my younger siblings. From the smallest to the oldest are Kaylee, Josue, Junior and of course me. Well Junior is with my grandma, Josue with his dad, and Kaylee with me and my mom. Each and every one of them I’ve had to feed them, take care of them. And even change their diaper for more than 600 times!

Anyways I’ve learned how to do so many things I because when my mother worked. My mother couldn’t afford to pay for a baby sitter for my bother, my sister, and me. All of my moms’ family is in California or El Salvador. So it was hard for me and my mom Coming from school and do my homework real fast and get ready to feed my siblings.( Josue and Kaylee)

One Saturday mid afternoon, a Mexican lady named Rita, came by to see my mother that day. Rita then asked me” mija esta tu mama?”(Child is your mother home?) “No” I said. Then she questioned” Quien los esta ciudando?”(Who is taken care of you three?) Which were my sister, my brother who by that time still lived with us, and me? “Nadie” I said. She was stunned when I told her that. By that time I was thirteen years old and knew how to cook, clean, and do other chores around the house, while taking care of a three year old month girl and a five year old annoying little boy. Then the just kept staring at me. After five minutes of staring she spoke my belief. The belief I believe in. Rita said “mija tu eres la segunda Madre de tus hermanos, y sabes porque? Porque eres la mayor.” (Child you are the second mother of your siblings, you know why?) Because you’re the oldest. She was right you know Being the oldest daughter is being a second mother. Now each day I help my mom take care only my sister, since my brother is with his dad now. I’m responsible for what her actions are as well as my mother. I teach her to behave appropriately in front of people, but you know it’s hard since she’s barley 18 months old. That little girl don’t understand much but still she tries.

My mother is proud of me being there for her when she needs me to go to work. She trust me a lot!!!!! She knows I take care of my sister better than she does for sure. I bath her, change her stinking diapers, clothes full of left over of foods, feed her, and lots more.

I’m glad that lady came that day to tell me something I’ll never forget in my life. You know she was RIGHT!!!!!!

I believe Being the oldest daughter is being a second mother.