Use It When Needed

Kody - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Use It When Needed

I believe in common sense. I believe in common sense can help you in life.

My dad once told me to always use common sense when you don’t know something. After he told me that, I thought about it on my science test and used it to my ability. When I used common sense on my test, I got the question right, and if I were to just guess, I would have gotten it wrong. So, instead of getting an 85, I got an 89. I believe common sense can take you far in life. If you think about it, you use common sense everyday, well, if you don’t, I know my dad and I do.

What do you think about common sense? I believe that people don’t use common sense enough in life. If you don’t know how to use common sense, I believe you should learn because it will help you a lot. I believe if everybody were to stop using common sense, the world will go down. For example, the people in the government, like picking McCain over Obama. Also, most common sense that you hear is “speak when spoken to;” “turn the door knob when the door is closed.”

So, as you can see, common sense is important. You use a lot and you may not know. I am using it right now. When I was writing this essay, I was looking at my grades, and I had a 40.2, which is an F. I told my teacher I should probably get to work, and she said that is some good common sense. As I said, I believe common sense is a helpful resource in life. Remember that the next time you don’t know something; just think of the best thing, and that would be using common sense.