even the impossible can be beat

Bridget - Springdale, AR, Arkansas
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

On a sunny Sunday in 1994 a tiny baby was born. What looked to be a healthy baby girl wrapped in her mother’s arms soon took a tole for the worst. The doctors had told the mother there was a high chance the baby would be crippled for life, but the mother stayed strong and carried on hoping for the better. Everyone gathered at the observation window trying to get a glance at the new arrival. “Here’s your healthy baby girl” the doctor congratulated. We all know the statement mothers know best and she knew the infant was anything but healthy. “There’s something wrong with her! She is terribly hot!” exclaimed the mother franticly. The doctors raced in and took another glance at the small baby and knew at that moment the mother was correct. They thoroughly examined and ran a few tests on the infant. The results concluded the baby had Hepitiatous B. 10 days the parents had to wait to have their little girl back in their arms.

All was well until a couple months later. The mother was chatting on the phone to someone after giving the small child a warm bath and putting her to sleep in her crib. The mother then glanced down to look at the sleeping child. With one arm up and one eye rolled back the child started to have a seizure. With tears in her eyes and total disbelieve in her heart, the mother dialed 911 as fast as her fingers would allow. Finally, after a few minutes the police and firemen arrived. They shredded the baby’s clothing in half and began to fix the problem. “Mam’ we cannot estimate how many more seizures this little girl is going to face in her life but we can conclude this will not be her last.” The fireman sadly confirmed. Full of melancholy and hope the mother thanked them and walked a tearful trail back into the house.

It is now 13 years since both of those horrid incidents have occurred. I was that baby and thankfully I have not had any seizures since my first. I’ve also not had any side effects from them either. I realize that worse things could have happened to me and I thank God greatly that I only faced the minor obstacles. Tomorrow is just another day to people , but to me and anyone else who is facing or has faced problems in their life, realize that today is a gift form God and a chance to fix a problem or learn a lesson in some form. By going through those tough times as an infant at least, I learned and believe strongly that if you believe something with all your heart and pray with all your soul even the impossible can be beat.