People Can Learn From Their Mistakes

benjamin - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

People Can Learn From Their Mistakes

I believe that people can learn from their mistakes. If nobody learned from their mistakes, the world would be in chaos. My mom made some mistakes in her life.

Growing up, when my mom and dad were together, my mom was a dug attic and an alcoholic. Sometimes she would be gone for a few days. When she was home and not yelling at someone, or just very angry, she would sleep. She would sleep for long periods of time, and every once and a while she would get up and have sudden outbursts.

She was going through this phase since I was about five or six years old. She started to end it when I was about ten or eleven. For a few years my mom has been trying to stop.

When my brother and I were visiting our grandparents over the summer in Colorado over the summer, our mom came and stayed there with us. And when the time came for us to go home, they wouldn’t take us home. We started school there and when two weeks of school was over, our dad came to get us the next Monday form Arkansas and got us.

At the time my mom wasn’t in rehab, and when my brother and I were living with our dad in Arkansas, soon after we left, we had found out that our mom moved out of our grandparents’ house and into a hotel. Yet she wasn’t there alone, she had met some friends that eventually moved in with her. It wasn’t long before she was in there drinking one beer after the other. Her friends would mess around with her when she was drunk, and she had no power over it. She then got a liver disease; she had drunk so much that if she didn’t get to a hospital quick, she would die. Even one more beer could have killed her then. But with god on her side, she had lived. My mom has now been sober for over a year, and is now in a rehab in Grand Junction, Colorado.

My mom has learned from her mistakes that she has made in the past, and it is what helps me believe that people can learn from their mistakes.