Karma Is Real

Mariah - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

At first I didn’t believe in karma. I thought of it as a silly indication to life. Life seemed like it was going my way I had dozens of toys lots of shoes tons of outfits. It was just my dad and I. I had three homes my grandparents’, my house where I lived, and my moms. I couldn’t have been happier. Or so I thought.

It was wonderful living three lives getting triple the clothes, shoes, and friends. I was a spoiled girl living on a budget of $l972.32 a day. I lived spoiled rotten like that for almost nine years straight until I moved to Arkansas, Mtn. Home to be specific. I was ok with it at first; I never thought it would be bad living in Arkansas. I started going to school after Christmas break I tried acting like my usual self, funny and out going. I was maybe a little too outgoing. Every time the kids at school asked where I was from I told them, Omaha, NE. Some of them asked what it was like living there, I told them. Others asked how big it was, I told them. I guess repeatedly “bragging” about where I came from ticked a lot of them off. I always thought I was spoiled, I was wrong. The kids there you don’t want to make them mad. Most of the time they’re nice, but when there mad they’re like little preppy dogs spoiled to the core. The fourth day of school there I got suspended for supposedly pushing a kid down on some rocks. I knew he slipped and so did he but everyone took his side, even the teachers.

That wasn’t the least of it. My life would have seemed just about perfect before the end of fourth grade. In April of 2005 my dad met my step mom, Courtney at his work. For a while he was afraid to ask her out. Soon they started dating. I learned she had twins that were four months old, and no phone. He started staying at her house, my dad didn’t have a cell, and we didn’t know where she lived. I got really sick with a 113 temp, and really mad at my dad. After two months I finally got to visit her at her house, and see where she lived. Soon enough I got used to all of the ridicule the kids at school were giving me. I started lashing out at every one except for Courtney. I really liked her and still do, but bad things started happening to me. My peers started treating me like dirt all except for my friends. I soon spaced myself away from my family. Now my friends were my family, the people I leaned on for support. Since that I believe in karma.