Good to Bad and Back Again

Kayla - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I used to be an excellent child for nine whole years; I had fabulous grades, perfect attendance, friends that were there for me, and a life worth living.

I never thought that I would do anything bad like drugs, alcohol, being in jail or anything like that, except for my ninth birthday, which changed big time.

I was hanging out with my older brother and sister one day, and they started smoking weed. I really didn’t pay it any mind because I was playing video games, but then my brother tapped me on the shoulder and handed me the joint. I said, “I don’t wanna smoke a cigarette, they’re nasty!” He told me it was weed and it wouldn’t hurt me. I still said no, but my brother said if I did, he would give me twenty dollars.

Of course, you know how a nine year old is; twenty dollars was a lot. I mean you could have bought a real nice remote control car back then with it; I was a tomboy so of course I wanted one. So I did it. I inhaled it, and started choking like I had a whole peanut stuck in my throat. My eyes got watery like a river, my throat felt like I had just drunk 5 whole bottles of Tapatío hot sauce, and my lungs felt like there was a little midget squeezing them. My brother and sister started laughing at it, and so I did to.

I got up to get a drink and all of a sudden, I got a really big head rush; I fell over. I was really, really high and I thought I was so cool because I was laughing at everything. I passed out and fell asleep about an hour later, and when I woke up, I felt so funny. After that, I started smoking weed all the time. Like four or five times a day. I even got addicted to cigarettes.

Smoking marijuana really messed up my life. I quit going to school everyday, I only went some days or half a day. My grades went down, my anger was really bad if I did not get high over long periods of time, and the littlest things made me mad. My attitude really sucked if you want my opinion on it. I was never home because my mom and I would always fight, so I would stay with a friend, or at a boyfriend’s house.

Now, my brain cells are probably half gone, and I forget things people had just told me about an hour later. My decisions from the past have hurt me so bad now in the present. I still try to be cool, but I know it won’t work; I even start problems with my friends for no reason.

Now I have to live past that and forget what I used to do with my brother, my sister, and all of my old friends, because now I am a changed person. My grades are still kind of bad, but I know I can get them back up. To conclude, I just pray to God that I don’t go down any of those roads again, only because smoking Marijuana doesn’t effect just your past, it affects your future to.