Looking Good and Feeling Good Too

Rebecca - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Appearance is everything these days and it seems to me that no one feels good on the inside. Sure they have the most expensive suit or the biggest label, but their heart isn’t into what they wear. It’s not them; it’s someone everyone else wants them to be. In advertisements, we see these skinny girls with luscious hair and when we try to look like them, we lose a since of who we are. That is when we need to shut our eyes and think about what really makes us unique.

I believe that looking good on the outside is just as important as feeling good on the inside. For example, one of my favorite TV shows is TLC’s What Not To Wear because it teaches women to feel great on the inside while radiating that joy through their outside look. Tears are mostly found in the end when they realize how gorgeous they look while still being happy and comfortable. Stacy and Clinton, the fashion stylists on the show, have no intention of changing your personality; they want to make you realize just how unique you are in this world. They want to help you find your inner fashion diva and to match that with your personality to equal this amazing woman on the inside and out.

I also believe that it is harder on the girls than it is for the guys in the fashion world. We like to shop and keep up with the latest trends, but it seems that the latest trends are to have no fat on the body and short skirts that schools won’t allow us to wear. If we cave in to what the world wants of an ideal woman, we would definitely lose a sense of our character, style, social abilities, and the reason why we were put on this earth. Our friends and family would be affected as well because of how society hid our distinctive qualities and put in place a short skirt with a low-cut top. I’m not saying it’s bad to show off our curves, I’m saying that if those pieces aren’t what make us special, than we shouldn’t wear them.

All in all, feeling good on the inside should radiate into your outward appearance, which may cause a tremendous boost in your confidence. Looking good on the outside should reflect your personality, so if your wardrobe and your personality clash, you might need to shut your eyes and think about what really makes you, well you.