Bobby - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe that everyone is selfish and everyone is been born with selfish impulses. It is human nature for people to be selfish and for them act upon their feelings. When people act upon their feelings and behave selfishly they influence everything in the world around them. Being selfish can be defined as caring only for your own personal interests, seeking instant gratification, and wanting to become famous.

Romeo and Juliet are two literary characters who care only for their own personal interests. Romeo and Juliet are two teenage characters who meet at a party and fall in love. These two lovers’ families are bitter enemies who hate one another. The teenagers realize that by loving each other they could start a war between the two families. Despite knowing this, they continue to meet secretly and concern themselves only with the love that they feel for one another. Romeo and Juliet are prime examples of people behaving selfishly and acting upon their own personal interests with a blatant disregard for their families.

John, my two year old cousin, only wants what will benefit him at any given moment. He is always doing what makes him feel good despite the consequences. For example, when his sister is watching television, John will snatch the remote and change the channel to what he desires to watch. He feels he is entitled to this privilege. He is selfish because he does not concern himself with the consequences of his actions and he has a conceited outlook on everything. John is selfish as he seeks instant gratification.

Julius Caesar was the first emperor of Rome and all he ever wanted was to become famous, a very selfish goal. Julius Caesar was born in a time where the country of Rome was in crisis. Rome was being attacked by foreign invaders and was slowly becoming impoverished. Rome suspended their democracy to put a dictator, Julius Caesar, in charge. He was appointed to be a temporary dictator until Rome’s economy could stabilize. When Rome eventually regained its wealth , Julius Caesar refused to give up his power. He was later assassinated and one of his ideas, the triumvirate, eventually led to the downfall of Rome. Julius Caesar was selfish because he would not give up his position as emperor but rather chose to preserve his own self image to become famous.

Selfishness is an innate quality that every person possesses. Fortunately, most adults realize being selfish is a poor quality to have in today’s society and many seek selflessness in their daily actions. I believe daily life is much more pleasant when we surround ourselves with people who have overcome acting upon selfish impulses.