Vampires are REAL!

Leslie - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

Vampires, werewolves, and witches, sounds like Halloween fun, right? Well this is my kind of stuff year round, especially vampires. I choose to believe these fanged, blood sucking, human-like creatures walk among us. People are exposed to vampires when they read or watch movies, some people are part of cults, and many people know the history of vampires.

How many books, comics, movies, stories, mangas, and other things are there about vampires? I think there are too many to count them up. My favorite movie, Van Hellsing, is about vampires viruses werewolves. Vampires viruses werewolves is a very common battle in books and movies including in a very popular vampire series, Twilight, which is about a human girl falling in love with a vampire. Humans falling in love with vampires or just the opposite is another common scenario with the stories as with one of my two favorite mangas, Chibi Vampire, which is about a vampire who has too much blood who falls in love with a human boy. As many books and movies there are out there, they wouldn’t give me beliefs in vampires because they don’t show the “real” vampires.

The “real” vampire aren’t demons from Hell or immortals, they are “normal” people just as anyone else. These vampires are part of cults and these cults do drink animal and human blood. Of course the modern day cults don’t bite people to get the blood, they get it from blood banks –no pun intended– and from animals. Their fangs are either fake teeth or get dental implants. As odd as it sounds I always think I should have been born a vampire and I say why not? I always thought vampires are awesome, I prefer night to day, and I love blood in general, but I don’t like the idea of joining a cult to become any form of a vampire, I’ll stick to pretending to be a vampire for Halloween. Believing is seeing, and some one who says vampires aren’t real after reading this are surely ignorant and I’m sure the vampire cults would agree with that.

The ideas of vampires and vampire cults themselves have been around since the early 18th century. The superstitions were started in Europe (according to legends from there), as the amounts of superstitions increased and so did the hysteria. Some people went as far as to stake the dead in the mass hysteria, it was very much like the Salem Witch Hunts and people accused then amused guilty. Anyone who was an insomniac was consider a vampire because you were suppose to sleep during the nights and awake during the day. Many people believed in vampires but in moderns time most people pass them off as myths.

Vampires are alive and well but not the Hollywood version of them. The human-like creatures are human and are the mix of gothic styles and some religions. Everybody is exposed to vampires wither it’s in the stories, cults, and history. I choose to believe, do you?