The Right to Participate in Clubs in Peace

Pamela - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in students having the right to join whichever clubs they choose. Band kids are discriminated against all for the love of music. We all just wish to enjoy reading and playing music, but other students do not accept us as one of them. I believe students should be able to participate in clubs in peace, not be disrupted during their practice, and should be able to be accepted with the other students.

When band students are just simply walking down the hall they are made fun of. None of us really know why or what brought on this hatred. None of us are technically “band nerds”. We all just simply love music. It means so much to each and everyone of us. Therefore, we should have the right to participate in our club, the band, in peace. When I say in peace, I mean without the antagonizing and hurtful words that are said.

Practice makes perfect. That is a well known saying, but when practicing, you should use your total and complete concentration, right? Well, for band students, that is difficult because people find the need to disrupt the practice and be obnoxious. It becomes very difficult to concentrate when an obnoxious teenager is carelessly blowing a whistle just feet away from you when you are trying your hardest to prepare for Bands of America (which is the biggest competition of the whole year).

Being accepted is a big deal in school. Being a band student and trying to be accepted is very tough. People want to feel accepted not in just school, but in life. It seems to most band kids that the only place they are accepted is with other band kids. We all work very hard to earn our trophies. We practice more than any team at our school, and it shows because we bring home the trophies. We have the right to be accepted.

Students should have the right to participate in clubs in peace, not be disrupted during practice, and should be able to be accepted with other students. We work hard every day in and outside of school to succeed. If band didn’t mean much to us, we wouldn’t do it because it is definitely not easy to deal with. Memorizing show music, warm-ups, and scales are just part of the deal. We also have to pay for band which can be very tough considering the way the economy is nowadays. I believe we all have rights to certain things, and band students definitely have the right to loving music in peace.