Jamie - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Do you support murder? If I were asked that question, my answer would be “no”. Our law states that when one human takes another human’s life, it is murder. I believe that abortion is a form of murder. If we are all equal and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, why should a fetus be excluded from any of those rights?

People argue over at which point a fetus gains a soul, but to me, when a fetus gains a heartbeat it becomes alive. At week five of a pregnancy, a baby’s heart and circulatory system take shape, giving the fetus a heartbeat. So, how could abortion not be murder if it is killing someone with a heartbeat? From the moment a baby is conceived, its genetic traits–from its hair color to its laugh–are decided, and formation has begun. By twelve weeks, the baby already has finger and toe nails. Murder is illegal. Every single day thousands of people work together to try to find the cure for cancer, AIDS, and the common cold. They try to end world hunger look towards world peace. If one gets an abortion, they will never know if their child would grow up to become the person who discovers one of the cures that mankind is hunting for. One person could make the difference between life and death of thousands of people. In the Ten Commandments, God states “Thou shall not kill”, and I cannot imagine Him making the exception of one’s very own baby. Everything happens for a reason, and everyone makes mistakes. But, should a woman’s mistake of becoming pregnant be punishable by murder? Many people argue that a woman who is raped should not have to live with the resulting pregnancy, but only approximately one to five percent of rape victims actually become pregnant. Plus, there is always adoption. And, since when is it legal to punish the son for the father’s crime and sin? How would one know who their baby would grow up to be by killing the baby before it had a chance to live?

Pregnancy is a miracle and is considered as one of the main purposes of life. There is always an exception that proves a rule. Even though in some cases there may be a medical reason for an abortion, that exception, to me, proves the rule. Give every fetus a chance to make its mark in the world and make abortion illegal!