Richard - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


What do you think about high school bands? I will tell you what a lot of people I know thing of the people in band and what they think about the band. They think that the people in the band are nothing but geeks, they also think that the kids in band have no life. Now as for band itself they believe it is a stupid waste of time. They believe it has no point.

First of all the people in band may be what you would call “geeks” but you know what it is better than being a druggy. It is also better than being an alcoholic. Yes, there are some people in band that could be considered as geeks but guess what there are also some that are really cool to get to know and be friends with. Some of the people in band make up the best friends anybody could ask for but some people are to busy looking at them as geeks to try and get to know them.

Another thing is that band kids do have a life. Band is a life choice and to tell you the truth it is a very good one at that. It keeps you off the streets and out of trouble. It gives you something to look forward to. There are some kids who are in no after school activities and they are usually the ones getting in trouble with the law or out getting high cause they have nothing else to do. People in band get to meet new people all the time at competitions and that gives them the life they want.

Last but definitely not least band is not a stupid waste of time. Band gives you meaning, it gives you something to look forward to every week. Band can also help you get in college. You could get a scholarship or get asked to attend their school while at a competition. There are so many way that band could help you but most people don’t look at it that way cause they are to busy looking at it as if it is worthless no matter what anybody says.

Band is some people only way of achieving happiness. Some people get joy from being out there on that field in front of hundreds of people because it makes them feel important. Band kids do have a life and are not all geeks. Band is not a stupid waste of time it is a passion and a strong connection between the person and happiness.