I Believe

Mikaylee - Cape Carteret, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

What do you believe happiness is? I believe that happiness is when people help one another, when people started out our country on good moral basis, and when you know that someone always has your back.

Jesus always brought happiness to people no matter what. He helped the blind men see, and helped the cripple to walk again. This is amazing. I believe that he is the only person that could bring happiness to people like that. Every other human being couldn’t do the miracles he did; every other person couldn’t bring happiness to people like he did. I believe with this with all my heart.

The founding fathers brought us happiness by writing the Declaration of Independence, which stated that we can pursue happiness. It doesn’t mean that it comes freely, we still have to work to make our lives that way; but it set standards of how we should live out life so that it can be easier and more fun. I believe that they tried to make out country a better place to live.

My mom has always been there. Even if I let her down she’s never turned her back on me. Instead she tries to lift me up. Doing this she brings me happiness. I believe that she will always be there for me encouraging me to be a better and stronger person. My mom will always have my back and I’m so glad.

These three people: Jesus, the founding fathers, and my mom have not only made a difference in my life but everyone else’s too. I believe that having people like that in your life will bring you happiness. You might have to work to be happy, but in the long run it’s worth it.