The Harsh Reality of Skateboarding

phillip - newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

The Harsh Reality of Skateboarding

This I believe, skateboarding is the hardest sport in the world to become professional. I believe this because it is the most difficult thing that I have ever learned to do. Skateboarding itself is not very hard, but the tricks professionals perform seem nearly impossible. The technicality and shire braveness it takes to excite the skateboarding world is just crazy, which is why I myself and millions of others will never become a great skaters.

Many factors depend on making you a known skateboarder. Your talent, creativity, and style are all characteristics that combine to make you a great skateboarder. Not to mention the guts it takes to commit to landing tricks that can seriously injure your body. Surprisingly many skaters you see never wear protection pads despite how dangerous the trick may be. Unlike the extreme side of skateboarding, the other half of the skateboarding world is technical performances. These tricks are not necessarily very dangerous but are just ridiculously hard and complicated. Watching these tricks being done is just mind boggling, and it leaves you amazed at how anyone could ever do anything like that. It will really blow you away to see how skillful you have to be a professional skateboarder.

Actions sports are growing rapidly across the nation, with skateboarding being one of the most popular and easiest sports to access. The number of kids skateboarding is huge, which makes it harder and harder to become recognized. Although, with this difficulty to be recognized and makes skateboarders progress and push the sport further than anyone thought possible. With all the progression it makes most kids unable to keep up and eventually loose hope in becoming a pro, and instead just skateboard for the fun. Thus, making it, in my opinion, the hardest sport in the world to become a professional athlete.

Skate boarding is a great sport that anyone can enjoy. Even though the chances of becoming a skateboarding star are slim, it will always be a sport that kids and adults will always have a passion for. And for the crazy few that are successful at skating, they will continue to push and make the sport more difficult and harder to master.