This I Believe

Ethan - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

America is in a great moral crisis. I believe that as a nation we have forgotten the very moral values our fathers and forefathers had set out for us to follow. Now, walking down the street of any mainstream American city you can sexual ads, public displays of homosexuality, and children showing disrespect of their elders. I think as Americans, we need to do some major rethinking on how our morals how declined to a point of virtual nonexistence, or we will suffer dire consequences.

Morals, where have they gone. As of right now, we have the lowest morals ever in

American history. I don’t know if it is so much that they are no longer there, or that mainstream America no longer believes in them. Walk through Time Square on any weekend, and I guarantee that you will see some form of homosexuality, some screaming child while its parent stands there and asks them to be quiet, and most definitely you will see some commercial ad or window display showing sexuality. I think a major cause of decline morals is the attitude that no one wants to offend anybody. Everyone is always saying it’s okay. It is not okay. You can’t use

references to the Bible in public because it might offend people of other religions. You can’t go out and say that homosexuality is bad because it may offend homosexuals. This country was built by people stood up and fought for what they believe in. Back then, if you offended someone, so what, you got your point across. That is what makes America so great, but if stay the way we are America won’t be so great. The same thing happened to the Roman Empire. They suffered a decline in morals, just as we are, and they were eventually chipped and chipped away by other

countries until Rome was just a thing of the past. We need to start looking to the past to the morals our forefathers used. It worked pretty well for them, I’m sure it would work again.

We, as Americans, have lowered our moral standards to an all-time low. We accept

homosexuality, which is a sin according to the Bible. After all Christianity is our official religion. The Bible clearly states, “Though shall not lie with mankind as one lieth with a woman.” That seems fairly obvious to me. Also, we allow our children to disrespect their elders with no punishment, which if I am not mistaken, goes against the Ten Commandments. In addition we allow our businesses to use sexual advertising, which degrades and belittles us as Americans. Even though our moral are conservative compared to other countries’ morals, we are not other countries. Our great United States of America was built on good Christian values, and when we let those deteriorate, we sweep out the legs that this very country stands on. I just don’t know if this country can handle any more moral decline, if that is at all possible.