Live the Life

Amina - Arizona
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Everything happens for a reason. That is a hard-boiled concept that I have come to understand. I believe every person that comes into my life has made some slight impact to enact change in my life. When two people find themselves lucky enough to converge on the same path during their travels, I find that to be extraordinary. With the billions of people in the world, I plan to meet as many as humanly possible. I thrive on meeting people that carry interesting stories and have strikingly infectious personalities. I hope to learn of others hopes, dreams, wishes, loves and lives. I naturally gravitate towards people who are either eerily similar to my personality or those of the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Before I leave this world, I intend to enact some positive change—if not in the world—then to a covenant of individuals. If that happens, then I have done something of pure virtue, thus fulfilling my purpose. If I am able to make someone else’s day better with a simple flick of my hand or a slight twitch of my mouth, then I have done something great. When I meet someone new I try to make it a positive experience. If it is a rather tepid or grim experience, I take it as it comes and forge on. I have crossed paths with thousands of different people in my life and have only been fortunate enough to converse with maybe a quarter of them. Every person that comes into my life inexplicably shapes the individual I will become and leave this earth as. The reality is that we have all been put on this planet together to make the best of what we have. The beauty is realizing how bittersweet it is. When I die I wish to be remembered by many and forgotten by few. Is that too much to ask?

Three individuals I knew lived their lives passionately and unapologetically. Their deaths may have marked an end to their physical presence but did not expunge my memories of them. The first was a humble man who owned a shoe repair shop. The second was a young man named Adam; the third was a childhood friend named Alexis. They all made me look at life with a greater appreciation and taught me that the fear of death is quite irrational because of its inescapable nature. Why fear something that I have no power to change?

All of the aforementioned individuals have left a deep impression on me and how I approach life. Through the tragedy, I learned to simply look to the light. I learned to never bow my head in defeat but remain stoic. Everything happens for a reason. Everything. I cannot change what happens to me or what affects those around me; yet, I can appreciate the beautiful oddities that befall me and cherish those rare bittersweet moments.