Progressive versus Conservative

Papa - Beleville, Michigan
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: 65+
Themes: freedom, humanism

I am thinking about Thomas Jefferson and their thoughts about this world back in our “New World”! Many others have said things like that from our current times back to the past centuries. Some,have included ethics, knowledge, and balance.

The more “minds” that go into the balanced middle, the better it will be for all people in the world regardless of where they come from. For me, I think of only two types of humans in our world. The first is of a mindset that thinks about things in a progressive way into the future. The second is of a mindset that things about things in a conservative way in the past. Either of these mindsets can be either in the middle where they can communicate and decide, or outside, either from the right or left of the balance, where they cannot communicate outside of their own mindsets. So, they are like “a box” where a mind should be free to find about things but is in a prison! Sometimes, this prisoner gets free. Then, the new “free” mind can be a part of the “future” of our world! For me, I choose to think that more of the balanced humans are in the middle now than in the past.

Hopefully, that trend will be better as our future becomes the present!