this is what i believe

cody - Arkansas
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

What I believe is that my parents are super heroes with super natural

Mega powers for many reasons.

To begin with my parents can somehow stretch money to pay bills,

Debt, and by food. MAN! I would find it impossible. But, maybe I just have

Really smart parents, because they obviously can.

Next, is that someway or some how they can always tell when I’m up

To something. Maybe it’s because whenever they ask me I’m laughing or

Sort of giggling, so that might give me away.

Third is that my mom works her hardest at work and the customers

Treat her like crap. Sometimes it makes me so mad that I want to punch their

Face in.

Lastly they always keep track of what I’m doing. Even at school,

Somehow they know what I’m doing. They especially know what I’m doing

At home.

To conclude these are my many reasons of why my parents are super

Heroes with super natural mega powers.