Happy Meals or Crappy Meals?

briana - ahoskie, North Carolina
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe…

I believe that happy meals don’t bring happiness. I mean, how can you be happy? They don’t give you enough fries, the burger is cold, the drink is too small and the toy is crappy. After I have spent about three bucks, I’m still not full. So I came to the conclusion that maybe I’m just picky. But then again, it could be false advertisement. If there were a little more fries and a treat to look forward to, then maybe, just maybe I’ll crack a smile.

The thought of happy meals reminds me of happy families. The kind that are all happy on the outside when really their not happy at all. They don’t spend enough time together and the conversations are crappy.

However, children believe that when a family is sad a happy meal is the solution. When in reality, a happy meal does nothing but rob you for a couple of bucks. Picture a bunch of sad faces: unhappy is not so cute. They say happy meals are supposed to make you smile. But how can you smile when you’re not happy?

I believe that in life, sometimes we get crappy meals. Whether it’s not enough space, or not enough love, little communication, and a crappy paycheck at the end of the week, there’s never enough of what we need. Kind of like the whole happy meal thing. Without enough love and just the right amount of trust, your left hungry and craving for more.

It takes more than a happy meal to make a happy family. With unconditional love, trust, and time, what more could you possibly wish for?