Cherish the Memories

Maria - Boardman, Ohio
Entered on October 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, family

Cherish the Memories

I believe you should cherish the memories you share with others. You never know how much time you have left. Don’t waste time with the people you care about, because they could be gone in a split of a second.

When a terrible loss struck my family on April 11, 2006, I thought that life would never be able to recuperate. I never felt that much pain. I believed I would never be able to get past this time in my life. I am talking about the death of my grandfather. The day started out great, it was my sixteenth birthday and I had a track meet that I did very well in. My mother and I went to visit him in the nursing home because he had a stroke a few years before and he needed to be put in a nursing home to get the best of care. He barely spoke if anything at all and he couldn’t walk.

It was not even an hour later that he passed. I was staring right at him when it happened. I could not believe this, today was so suppose to be a good day. I thought to myself how could this be happening on my birthday? Now for the rest of my life I will remember that April 11 is not only my birthday but the death of my grandfather. Why is this happening to me? I never felt this much grief before. But how could I be so selfish? I should be happy my grandfather is now free of sickness and pain. It is not that easy though. Life hits you with some pretty tough obstacles that are hard to surpass. You want everything to go your way. You just wish there is smooth sailing through life. You want no tragedies to strike you.

I know now that life is not always smooth sailing. That you have to life every day like it is your last because how does anyone know how much longer they have left? I can not waste time with the people in my life. I have to make memories with those that I care about. You never know how long you have left with them or how long they have left with you.

Cherish what you have and who you share your life with. You always have remembrance of memories in your life. Even though it is hard I continue to go on with my life remembering my grandfather and how much of an impact he had on my life. I am able to live my life knowing he would be waiting for me when it is my turn to be called home.