I believe in Friendship

Charles - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Friendship

Knowing that you are going to be separated from someone you care about momentarily is sometimes agonizing to think happen. Having to leave a friend and choose a different life feels even harder to accomplish. During my third grade year was when my friendships started to fall apart, and it soon began my faithful belief that best friendships never go away.

I hung out with a group of friends that I had met during recess at my school, Palmer Elementary, because of the one who introduced me to them, Jeffery. He was a close neighbor of mine so we played together often, and Jeffery decided to introduce me to the others he knew. Cassidy, Abby, and Nate afterwards got to know me and I felt as if I had many friends, but little did I know how long I could be with them. Starting third grade year, Cassidy turned out that he had to move to another home of his and attend a different school. As he moved, I soon forgot about our friendship and stuck with the people I had, until I realized that by every consecutive year after third grade, I would have no one as a friend.

Fourth grade was when I thought everything would be better, but in the middle of the year, Jeffery found out about something. Coincidently, he was also moving, for different reasons, to another school and I was very upset. On his last day home on the bus, I remember giving him back toys he had loaned to me and getting off the bus to see him drive away to his house, feeling very lonely. The group of friends I had still stayed together as much as they could. Then Nate was reassigned to a different

nearby campus and I was transferred from my first middle school to another. I felt as if there was no hope to see them ever again and was being forced to find new friends at Quail Valley Middle School.

Most of my classes were boring that year except for the band class that I took. I was put into honors band for my first audition, with clarinet, and got to know a lot of different people. My reputation as a good musician would keep me alive without any real friends to be with. Then eighth grade came, when everything would change dramatically. Honors band class soon began the first day of school as I got to meet the new members who replaced the old ones. The new clarinet person I saw right away was an eighth grader named Tim. He introduced himself to me and I was very shy to even talk to him at first. We soon got to know each other as good friends surprisingly, and I really enjoyed his company as we played together in the honors band. Oddly enough, our parents have common heritages to each other and so we bonded very well as best friends.

Happy as I can be, summer started and I was surprised at what happened to me, again. Relaxing at home, I hear the phone ring and my mom answers it. “It’s Jeffery”, she called out to me and I was shocked in disbelief. I picked up the phone and heard him speak, telling me that he wanted to come over to my house. It was amazing to see him visit, as he was at his grandmother house close by, and I soon recognized him back from my memories of elementary school. Luckily Jeffery said that he would be able to come here during the summer and on holidays, but my luck would not stop there. Me and Tim headed to band camp that summer, for Elkins High School, and I thought that maybe I would see recognizable people, but I never imagined Nate in our band. I went up to him to say hello, since four years ago, and it felt like old times in elementary. He said that his middle school was okay but was glad to find familiar faces. That year went good for us, but it became even more different my sophomore year. Transfers were being made all over the place, and I was bored as ever during the first day of

school. As I walked into my first classroom on my schedule, I sat down at a desk and saw someone walk beside me. I turned around to see long, blond hair and I thought to myself that it could not be her. It was Abby, and she asked right away if I had recognized her and soon talked forever about what happened since I had left her to transfer. Nothing could have been more perfect.

My best friendships prevailed the test of time, and I am glad to have been able to meet new people because of it. Of course I forgot to mention that I never got to see Cassidy after he had moved so far away to a different school region and that ironically, after I became friends with Tim, he had to move as a sophomore toward his relatives, which are close to mine, but I have not seen him since he became enrolled for his high school/college campus. Certainly there will come another time when me and my friends will split ways and maybe never see each other again, but for now I enjoy the fact that I am able to be with them. Hopefully, I will get to re-meet Tim and as I wait, I am going to keep my faith that this friendship will never die away.