Live Your Life

Natalie - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

“It isn’t fair! It isn’t fair!” were the only words that came out of my sister’s mouth for a long, painful week. My family’s traditional road trip to Destin, Florida in August turned into more of a tearjerker.

Imagine being at a paradise location and receiving news that someone close to you has passed away. In my case, it was my sister and I’s good friend, Vivek. With two simple words, “Vivek died” the beach can change from a relaxing, fun week to a depressing seven days. The quiet waves of the beach would make my mind drift into not so happy thoughts as to why this happened. Images of him were plastered in my mind. His jokes, his laugh, and his voice just kept rewinding and replaying.

The unexpected death shocked all of us. The question you repeatedly ask yourself is “Why?” “Why did this happen to Vivek of all people.” He was only eighteen and his life is the suddenly over. Sure he is in a better place now, but how can he be in a better place when he did not even get a chance to live his life? Shouldn’t the happier place be here? Shouldn’t he have the right to live his life and fulfill his dreams of becoming a lawyer? There is no answer to these questions, yet it is hard not to think about them. His future was crushed by a fatal car accident and the lives of those who knew him have changed completely.

The impact the accident left on my sister and I was horrible. I couldn’t even bare to look at myself with my baggy, puffy eyes and my big red Rudolph nose. The salty tears stained my freshly tanned face. My appetite was gone and I felt helpless. I tried over and over again to escape my thoughts, but they kept following me. Inside and out I felt disgusting and our family vacation turned into a nightmare.

With losses like Vivek’s you realize how short life really is. This may be the biggest cliché yet, however there is no better way to word it. Vivek’s death made me believe that I should never go to bed without resolving a conflict, never hold back, and to never doubt yourself. Because I believe life is too short for second guessing yourself. Like Cicero once said, “The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of a life well spent is eternal.” Vivek touched so many hearts and will never be forgotten.