The Passion of Sports

Garrett - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe in the passionate, relentless effort put into a sport. The “do whatever it takes” attitude on the Friday night games. The trust that your teammate will do his job so you can perform yours. The character that is developed in a sport and the bond it brings to players and families.

Even as a young child, sports teach the moral of teamwork, trust, effort, and friendship. As the player plays the game he learns that the hesitation of worrying that another player won’t do his job slows him down and leads to his failure. You have to trust that your teammate is performing his job and act based on that belief. You know that you have to work well with your team in order to succeed. You strive to do your best, but you don’t compromise the team for the individual. If one of your teammates is struggling you pick him up, encourage him, and push him to succeed. And if the team is beginning to break down you take the lead and bring them back with motivation.

Through sports you gain the knowledge, that if you don’t go all out every play you will fail. Whether you are practicing or playing in a game, you must go as hard as you can to get better and build more stamina to be able to carry out your duties. You do this not just for the win, but for the person next to you, who, you know, is going all out for you too. Through teamwork, trust and effort in a sport you build bonds of friendship with your teammates. During a game you see your teammates working as hard as they can for you and the team. After the game you know that they will back you up and help you with anything. These characteristics lead to, not only a successful team, but also to a successful person in life.

A person shows more character the way he acts after a loss than when he acts after he wins. After a win you only have the potential to show good sportsmanship by not rubbing it in the other teams face or over celebrating. However, when you lose you show integrity and dignity. When you lose you don’t think about getting back at the other team but about what you could have done better and if you practiced as hard as you could the week before. At the end of the game you go and shake the other teams hand and tell them good game. When you leave you leave with your dignity without knowing it. No one thinks about the characteristics that the losing team displays unless they are bad. When you see a player from the losing team start a fight with the other team you think about how he is a sore loser. You think how he has no dignity to take a loss and turn it around for the better. Losing makes you a better person by strengthening your character.

All of the characteristics that you attain throughout sports stay with your whole life and define who you are. It sets a good principle on which to base your life. As you go through life you use these characteristics you have gained to overcome the adversity in your life and gain many friends.