Live life memorably

Brent - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Live in a Memorable Way

Looking at how my life has treated me based on how I approached it, my life has had its ups and downs. When I was younger, I was always doubting myself, always not thinking I could do anything. I had trouble believing in myself and committing to something.

As I grew older and entered high school, I started to grow more. I started to become more confident in myself and make friends and become closer with some people. The difference was the source of my low self-esteem, my older brother, was gone to college and not at home everyday since his college was 9 hours away by car.

I always try to be a kind person, and to treat others with love and respect; the ways I would like to be treated. I try to make friends closer and to make more friends and to be outgoing now. My sophomore year in high school, my English teacher mentioned a book containing many quotes taken from books, short stories, speeches, and many other pieces of literature written by Mark Twain. She let me borrow the book for a short time and I read it many times through. One quote that caught my attention was one under the section entitled “The Grim Reaper”.

The quote was quite simple yet still has an impact on me today. Mark Twain said that “Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry”. When I read that, I decided that I would strive to lead a life that would have a positive impact on people and one that people would respect. I greatly hope that what I do is appreciated by others and that I will be missed on whatever day I die.

I try to act so that people will love me and allow me to give them my love by simply caring about them and caring about me. It is what I believe has made my life much better and has made me much happier now that I don’t live in the loss of self I used to live in. I now see that most of the people I didn’t really see as friends are now my friends and I have an upbeat outlook on life. I found that with a happier stance on life, one that is relaxed and playful, yet still disciplined, people like talking to me and like being around me. It is what has made me incredibly happy thus far, yet I still want to make a very large impact on people’s lives so that they will truly miss me when I leave this earth. I want to be known for the great things I do, not being someone forgotten after a month away from everyone.