Are you the good or the evil?

Hanna - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

Our beliefs are what make us unique and set us apart from the other

six billion people that live on this planet. Our beliefs shape and prepare us into the people we are today and into the people we will become in the future. Ever since I could rationally think until now, there is one thing I truly and utterly believe in. I believe that people can do the right thing if they choose to. I believe we are capable of catching and teaching each other how to get back up when we fall. I believe a person can act with no benefit to oneself. I believe in the greater good.

We’re a species that is capable of astounding kindness. Humans can heal one another, love one another, and cry for one another. Ever since we learned how, we unquestionably rip the very organs from our bodies and give them to one another. We willingly give our lives up in a millisecond, so that our loved ones can see one more sunrise.

At the same time, we murder one another. The past years of human history are perfect proof of how brutal we are. From genocides in Rwanda to bombings in New York City, unspeakable horrors are committed daily. All of the crimes done by the highest, wisest, and most principled organisms the planet has ingenerated. This reveals that humans are also the cruelest, most blood-thirsty and emotionless things known in existence.

So which is true? Are we good, or are we evil? How are the righteous Mahatma Gandhi and the sickening Adolf Hitler part of the same species? We know the difference from right and wrong. In the back of our minds, we know which path is the morally correct one. I believe we have a choice. I believe we have the choice everyday not to hurt one another. I believe we have the self-control not to cheat, lie, and kill. I believe, deep down, we are all good. I believe that one day people will wake up and realize they only have one life and that they should live it purely. I believe the greater good will prevail.