Family Life

Rhea - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family Life

In 2001, my family overcame an experience that would change all of our lives forever. My mom had just found out that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I cried until my eyes could not produce anymore tears. All I could think about was what if I wake up and she is not there anymore. The only person that made me feel like it was going to be okay was my mom. I will never forget what she told me the day we found out. She said every family has one big struggle that they must overcome to be stronger, and this is ours. I still believe what she told me to this day. For every family to grow stronger, they must overcome a struggle of some sort.

Every family has their own problems. What family does not? Sometimes it is a small problem such as siblings picking at each other so much that it causes them to grow apart or it can be a big problem like a parent diagnosed with a life threatening disease. Even if the issue is small, it is still important to handle it with care so that the family’s strength will not be damaged. To overcome these issues, you must be willing to open up and talk to your family about the situation. Talking about the issue was my biggest problem. When my mom had cancer, I did not want to talk about it with anyone. I figured it was a family issue and it is nobody else’s business. All that did was make matters worse. I was angry at the world because of what had happened. I could have prevented all this anger by just talking about the situation with my family. Even though I did not want to talk about it, I knew that eventually I was going to break down and all my feelings would come pouring out. My mom having cancer only made me closer to my family. By telling them all of my feelings, they finally realized how much I was hurting inside. I could feel us getting stronger everyday.

In every family, there is one person that you tell everything, whether it is your mom, dad, or sibling. For me, it would be my older brother Ryan. He knows everything about me, good and bad. Ryan and I fight all the time and sometimes I wish that he simply was not here. But as much as we fight, he helps me through every situation. When my mom was diagnosed, Ryan was becoming older and starting to separate himself from my family. All he wanted to do was be with his friends, which is understandable. One day he broke down and told me everything and he ended up being just as sad as I was. Ryan and I started to talk more and more everyday. I loved it because deep inside he was my best friend even if he did not know it. All I wanted was to be close to him again like we were at one point in time. It was as if we had started all over. For my family, my mom having breast cancer was the best thing for us.

A family issue can be the best thing at times. It can repair relationships, make you open up about your feelings, or just make you feel like you are loved even more than before. For every family to grow stronger, a family struggle or issue must be overcome.