Living Life

Briana - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Who would of thought that a conversation with my choir teacher could spark a chain of thought meshed together to accomodate or better yet remind me of my beliefs. I assure you, I was not that person. But being the wonderful man he is, I asked him on a whim about a topic for my dreaded English essay. Just a general thought, from which I could constrict my ideals. He began to place questions before me, mostly about politics and the Christian faith. While both are very important in my life, nothing really struck home. The real revelation came at the end of the ocnversation. I was telling him about my sore legs from my vigourous game of matball in gym, kickball with mats as bases. And as he began to sympathize, I told him it was Ok, I’d keep perservering. He began to laugh, and I began to think, “That’s it!” I firmly believe in the power of perserverance. I believe that a person who perserveres through anything can achieve everything. Perseverance is defined as a determined continuation with something. Just like I perservered through that game of matball, I persevere through life. I make a constant effort to continue what I start, despite the setbacks. The bases were loaded, with one out to go, the odds were stacked. Yet, I pummeled those odds to figments of the imagination. My grades are not where they should be. But, I’ll go to tutorials and ask questions that need answering in my mind. Life as I know it, is a jumble of actions that never seem to flow together. Nevertheless, I’ll pray about it, and try to find my peace in the neverending storm. Turns out, either God wanted me to prove somebody wrong, or I should be on the track team because I scored that round. Maybe next time, things won’t be the same and I might even stumble over my own feet. But it’s ok, because i’ll persevere. I have, I should, I could, I will, I do, I believe.