High School Education and Diploma

Robin - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

High School Education and Diploma

I believe that every student should graduate high school and receive a diploma. Without graduating high school you would not be able to be a doctor or a pilot or whatever you want to be. You would not be able to find a good paying job without an education because companies want smart, hard-working people. Dropping out of school tells them you are a quitter. This piece of paper is the key that unlocks the world of opportunities for everybody. Without a high school diploma, you would be stuck in neutral and not moving forward wondering what could have happened if I just stayed in school and finished my education.

After watching many of my family members and friends’ graduate over the years, I think everybody should graduate. With their diplomas, my cousins have been on the road to greatness. I have seen my cousins be pharmacists, bank managers, businessmen, and professionals in the medical field. After graduating high school and continuing their education, they were able to be something great. Graduating high school can put you on the track to be something great in life. I also believe that graduating high school will give you a sense of the “I can do it” feeling.

I have also seen what can happen to you if you do not receive an education and do not graduate from high school. One of my friends dropped out of high school and never got his diploma when he was supposed to. He was flipping burger at McDonalds just to get some money. He could not find a great job because most companies look to see if you graduated high school and have a diploma. After a couple of months of barely making anything, my friend returned to school. When he returned, he promised he would graduate and go on to college. He worked hard to make up for lost time and ended up graduating within top 10% in his class. He then went on to receive a business degree from the University of Houston. If people have motivation they could finish high school and go on to get a great job.

Once again I believe receiving a high school education and getting a diploma is one of the greatest things a person could do. With this, a person is capable of doing anything he or she puts her mind to. I believe that high school is the foundation to a life of happiness.