The Right of Education

Paris - Minnetonka, Minnesota
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe Essay

Constantly, people like my parents and grandparents tell me how lucky I am. The majority of these reminders hang around my mind for a few seconds, only to make a very swift exit. However, lately, my privileged lifestyle has been brought to my attention through a correspondence between me and my family’s sponsored child in India. Every month or two, I receive a letter from Cuddalore, a part of India near the ocean. Our sponsored child and I connect through a program that works with my church and her boarding school. Karunakaran tells me in her letters how thankful she is. Thankful for her friends, family, her few Christmas gifts, and, of course, the support she receives from us, but what surprised me is that she’s most thankful for her education. Today, American kids complain about waking up early and homework overloads, but Karunakaran would give anything for the amazing education we merely tolerate. In just one letter, she taught me what my parents have been trying to explain my entire life. Karuankaran showed me that though my small world is made up of families as lucky as mine, the majority of people on our planet are grasping for the necessities let alone the luxuries we indulge in every day. It is my belief that the only way to escape this life of poverty and desperation is through a quality education.

Currently, our government focuses on the safety and wellbeing of the country’s citizens, but they are not looking towards the future. Funding for education has been declining in recent years. If the people of America want to stay competitive with economic powerhouses like China we are going to have to start educating the children that have the potential but are lacking the financial and familial support. Meanwhile, many families and students that can take advantage of a quality education don’t take it seriously. It makes me frustrated when I hear a peer brag about a low grade as if it was something to be proud of. As a result, I often worry about America’s future. If all students in our country had as much drive and initiative as Karunakaran and the other children in her position, keeping up with country’s like China wouldn’t even be an issue. With a generation of well educated people America could become the country of all our dreams. With the help of Karunakaran I now know I’m lucky to have a good education, but I believe all children of the world should have that privilege too.