My Mind

Frances - Missouri City, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I walk onto the empty stage my mind is flooded with emotions that supersede all other emotions of my sixteen year old life. Suddenly I realize where I am, and my nerves begin to run wild at the anticipating thought of what is on the verge of happening to me in the next couple of minutes. The blood rushes to my head and my heart stutters as I look up into the darkness to see hundreds of eyes staring back at me. As I am faced with the possibility of the audience being judgmental and misunderstanding, the questions that I dread thinking begin to form in my brain. Were all the countless hours of blood, sweat and tears sufficient enough for the performance that’s about to take place? Am I good enough? Will they love me, or will they hate me? As the music flows from the sound system into my ears, the emotions that were previously pent up in my body release themselves through dancing, the most beautiful of the arts. Emotions of love, passion, excitement, fear, joy, and happiness. While the music begins to fade away, my final movements reflect my appreciation to be doing what I love and the passion that rapidly flows through my body.

As I walk off of the empty stage, the adrenaline that had been previously pumping through my veins begins to fade, and I realize that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Dancing has always been a sort of motivation for me, one that propels me to set myself to a higher standard than normal for a sixteen year old girl. I believe that everyone should have something to motivate them to do their best, whether it is a best friend, their personal beliefs, or just an empty stage full of opportunity.