The Miracles Of God

Lincy - Missouri city, Texas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I always believed that I was a lost, dark soul, in this lonely world. I recognize that I am not alone; but that God is there beside me, watching my every move, waiting to pick me up when I fall. I believe God saved my life by giving me a miracle.

It was a bright, sunny day, May 7th to be exact, and my family and I decided to eat lunch at the best tasting restaurant ever, Chilies. My dad drove his old beaten down 1999 Corolla, and my sister and I sat in the back seat. As usual, the radio was on blast, and my family and I were all engaged in light conversation, laughing and having an excellent time. Dad had just gotten out of our neighborhood and ready to take a turn, when a black hummer came charging at us. The next thing I know, the large blue tinted windshield shatters into tiny bits of glass. The air bags rush up within a minute of the crash and then everything is silent. Time had stopped, and I could not move, think, or even breathe. I felt trapped in an underwater dungeon, screaming for air, doing my best to get out, but it was all useless, I was trapped.

As I sat there feeling helpless, I see from the corner of my eyes that my sister is in tears with a puddle of water streaming down her face. I gaze to the front, and my father, tall, muscular, and brave, in the same state as myself, shock. I glance to the right, expecting to see the same reaction from my mom, but I was wrong; I was way off. Her body, tall and lean, was covered with blood. All the red blood made me forget she was wearing a white shirt. My heart started to beat fast, my body started to shake, like I was under going a seizure. My palms were drenched in sweat; and by and by crazy thoughts were rushing through my head, “Is mom going to die? What am I going to do without her?” I began to zone out and I perceived strange geometric figures, triangles, trapezoids and the holy cross. I pressed my palms together and began to pray, “Dear God, protect my mother keep her safe, don’t let anything bad happen to her Lord, I need her.” As I recite the prayer, I began to feel this burning sensation taking over my body; it was scorching hot, but I felt no pain. The burning sensation transformed into comfort and I began to feel relieved, like a rock had been thrown off my shoulder. I knew that instant that everything was going to be alright; that God had answered my prayers and my mother would be safe and sound.

The next week my mom was released from the hospital with 10 stitches and a broken leg. Our car was completely totaled, but the most important thing was that my mother was out of harm’s way. God saved my mother’s life, by saving her; he saved me from a lifetime of deep depression. God was there beside me during this wretched time, comforting me while I was weak. I believe in the miracles of God because he saved my loved one, my mother.