I believe in the power of a smile.

Victoria - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A smile. I believe in the power of a smile. It doesn’t have to be an I-love-you smile but a smile at it’s simplest.

A smile is usually an act of happiness or love or laughter, and one little grin can make a person’s day all the better. From the outside, a student at school, a lady at the store, or the same guy who walks his dog everyday in front of your house, can look perfectly fine, but you can’t be so sure. The most random people can be having the worst day of their life, but you could make it better. Everything could change when you decide to make a difference.

I have so many friends who are having money problems, or their dad just went to jail for abusing their mom and kids and now they’re scarred with the pain. But all of my friends who need someone to love them, they smile! They come to school with a huge smile on their face, and the hope that today will be a better day. To me, that’s amazing, because I get to be around people who are fun and happy even though their life at home could be a nightmare.

A smile could show that you appreciate that person, and that they made a difference in your life. A smile can open a door to new friendships.

People have always told me that it takes less muscle to smile then to frown, and now that I’ve experienced it, I believe it! To think that one simple gesture could make an invisible person feel noticed and important creates a feeling of accomplishment for me.

My mom always told me that I’m a people pleaser. I’m always trying to make everything fair and equal; ten dollars for her and ten dollars for him. And when I smile, it pleases me knowing that I made a difference. You can never waist a smile.

It is not very exciting to see a kid frowning all the time. It could be because they’ve never seen anything but a frown. The kids at school always laugh at them and smirk but you could be distinct. Their home could be an unsafe place or their parents could beat them every night. The one smile you give them could be all they need. That kid could change from the one thing you decided to do.