I Believe God is Love

Catherine - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was 7 years old my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t really get what was happening at the time, but now I do. My grandpa knew that God loved him, and he put his trust in God. My grandpa knew that if he died, it was God’s plan. The doctors decided that my grandpa needed some kind of laser surgery. Our whole family was very nervous since this type of surgery was still not for sure going to work. After a lot of hoping and praying, we got news that his cancer was miraculously gone. God still had a plan for my grandpa’s life.

The ultimate sign that God is love is that he sent is son to die on the cross for our sins. God loves us so much, but even with all that love he gives us a choice to follow him. He is willing to wait for us to come to Him on our own. That is love.

God gave us the Bible. In it there are many promises. They are as simple as I will never flood the World again, and as complex as us having eternal life if we follow him. The amazing thing is that he keeps his promises.

One of his promises is that there will be a place specially prepared for all of his believers when they get to heaven. When you think about it, that really lets you know he loves you. It’s like no matter who or what you are on Earth there is a special, handpicked place for you in heaven. That shows love.

My grandpa is still cancer free and living a normal life, but this whole experience really goes to show that God is love.