I Believe In Grandfathers

Luke - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

God sends us help on Earth. Some people say it’s the Holy Spirit, others say it’s their guardian angels; I say it’s the Grandfathers.

I was ten when my grandfather Jack was diagnosed with lung cancer. There aren’t any words that can actually describe him. To get a picture of him imagine a warm outdoorsman who is a very smart and successful man. A man who would look out for friends and family with an endless amount of care and selfless love. Jack had been smoking since he was sixteen and would later say it was the worse decision of his life.

Jack was born into a farming family and was wise and had much to share with others. His father was not very agriculturally smart so Jack ran the farm. Jack was a amazing baseball player. In fact he received a full paid scholarship to college to play baseball. He took it. After a year at college he got a call from his family saying he needed to come home and run the farm or they would declare bankruptcy. So he gave up his education to help his family. They said he was good enough to play pro for the rest of his life. An example of why this man is so great is that he gave up his dream of sports to help his family.

Four years ago he was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs and those were the years when he was the most amazing person to spend time with. You would expect a man to be scared. My grandpa was brave in ways I didn’t think were possible. He always promised me he would take me camping in this log cabin he had. About a month after he was diagnosed he wanted me to come to the cabin to spend the night with him. I refused it and that was the worse decision of my life. I would never have the chance to do that again.

Jack was extremely faithful and for the part of his life ‘til he was diagnosed he never went to church. After he was diagnosed he went to church every Sunday. We can observe his faith and strong connection to God and try to do the same.

Jack was a fun guy to be with. He had plenty of life experience and would share it with anyone who needed it. I enjoyed immeasurable joy in spending a day with him. I wish I could have more time with him than I did. I still have one other grandpa and I try to squeeze every moment with him. That’s why I believe in Grandfathers, they will always help you no matter what.