I believe that Mothers are the best thing that a boy can ask for

Jacob - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that Mothers are the best thing that a boy can ask for. All the love that Mothers give is immensely important to a boys’ life, this I know because I am always turning towards my mothers love like a child turning to their teddy bear on a dark and rainy night. My mothers love is endless towards me and my siblings, even though we don’t like it sometimes, and probably don’t deserve it.

My mother is very understanding and she is someone that I can vent to. I love her immensely for that, and will gladly do anything that she tells me to do. The other day my mom was at the hospital because my grandpa had a heart attack. Throughout my morning getting ready for school I was confused and was needing my mothers timing and strict orderly fashion. She is a huge part of my life and on that day I realized that. Never before had I realized how truly important and vital my mother was in my life.

Sometimes when I want to do something my mom says yes, but other times she says no because she may feel like it is not safe or it is unreasonable. An example of this is one time my friend invited me to a teen sleepover and my mother said no because there may be drugs, alcohol, or bad people.

Sometimes there is a need for a mother to be strict and demanding, that is a great thing because it means that a mother truly cares about her sons’ safety and future in the world. Mothers have mother instincts and feel the need to protect their sons, like a mother bear and her bear cubs. Stop hold up and just think of all the times your mother has taken you to school, bought you clothes, washed your clothes, cooked one of your meals, or just showed that she loved you. The last reason that I have for you today is that a Mother always knows what to do.

So nothing can change this belief in me, and that is that Mothers are the best thing that a boy can ask for. So word to yo mother, and peace out, because Jake the Snake has left the building.