I believe that school is fun but full of surprises

Joran - springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Today many kids my age, or above and below, struggle with balancing academics and other things like sports or friends. I often deal with these things my self and so I believe that school is tough but full of surprises. Some kids may struggle with academics and might fall behind when not paying attention in class. I myself have had problems with math and algebra one. I often would need to go into morning tutoring to catch up. Multiple friends of mine have dropped the class and gone to lower classes such as Pre- AP algebra and just normal math.

Through my life, in school and out, I have had many friends. Sometimes I had trouble managing my time. Between school, friends, band, and extra curricular activities I found it difficult to work in everything I needed into one day.

Band was an excellent experience for me. To me, music was like a foreign language. Sometimes I found it difficult to understand the fingerings or the complicated patterns of notes, but in other times it would come to me naturally. Now band is very fun and challenging. You could almost say that I had some high notes in my life and a few low notes. Pun intended. Even more kids have either not bothered to sign up again or even dropped the opportunities of band. They may not know of the scholarship opportunities that playing an instrument have to offer. Although this may not be exactly right, more kids have dropped band than that of any other elective. For me band is “tough but full of surprises”

So maybe things like band and academics are not your strong points, or may they are. But what about gym or other electives? In school I was never the strongest or most physically talented person. In fact, I was probably one of the weakest people in school. Often in gym I am threatened to be beat up or cussed out. But I have kept to myself and am just fine that way. Maybe some of you used to be bullied and beat up or maybe you still are. I really don’t like to talk about this but I feel good that I am getting to share this with others, and maybe some of you are going through the same thing.

A big thing that goes on in school lately is relationships. Heart-break is what a lot of teens see lately, because their boyfriend just left her for another girl, or his girlfriend just ditched him, but it’s okay because through the Corse of this life you will face many cases of this heartbreak and happiness. So as I said before,” school is tough but full of surprises!”