This I Believe…

Brianna - Springale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

This I Believe. . .

When things are at its worst, I believe to still have hope. At a local mission project that I attended this summer, I learned so much. I stayed at my church for a week with other churches from Springdale and Searcy.

This project was called LMP (Local Mission Project) and there the church put everyone in groups to go to a different location to help a disabled family. I was placed in Group 1 and we were assigned to an elder man named Mr. Gates. He had been found in his living room on couch barely conscious, bleeding and bruised, because the police say he was beaten. At that time he weighed nearly 100 pounds at an age around 60. This broke my heart and put my group and me to sadness. Our assignment was to repaint and clean his whole house.

Now, first walking into this man’s house I didn’t want to touch a thing. I couldn’t even imagine living there, which made me want to make this a clearer environment for the older man. The compassion that everyone had to help Mr. Gates was amazing. All of us pitched in money to help buy a couple of necessities for him. Also, I got the opportunity to paint his house so that it looked completely new. My group and I even helped donate a bed for this poor guy. He used to have to sleep on his couch due to his lack of furnishings. But this made me think about how lucky I am and I could now prove that having hope is something great.

I have hope to Mr. Gates by giving him a safe, clean home to live in while he was trying to become healthy again. This experience changed my life and I know it changed his. For this, I believe in hope…