Having to Grow up is not Always Fun and Games

Megan - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Having to grow up is not always fun and games

People are always saying that they want kids, or they want to fall in love, or maybe even get married. But what happens when all these things start happening at such a young age? I believe that no one should grow up to fast.

My cousin Jennifer used to be my favorite. When we were together we would have the best time. Doing what young girls did. She was practically the big sister I never had. Until she started doing things that not all young girls did.

When Jennifer was 15 she found out that she was going to have her first child. Then 9 months later, when she was only 16 she had her first boy, Mathew. She was a really good mother and Mathews father stuck by Jennifer through it all. She was happy and we thought she was done. She would go back to her normal life and have her mother help her talk care of the baby.

After she had her baby she was relying a lot on her mother to take care of Mathew while she was trying to stay in school. She began not focusing on her school work and she began letting her grades fall. Eventually she could not handle it and she dropped out of school her junior year. She was still relying on her mom and trying to think what she could do to make sure Mathew had a wonderful childhood.

Then 2 years later we got a wedding invitation to her wedding. Jennifer at this time was just 19 years old. When we got the invitation my parents were shocked and were not expecting it. They did not know what she was up to and what she was planning to do with the rest of her life. We supported her up to this point and hoping one day she would make a turn for the better.

After the wedding we just gave up. My parents did not think she was a very positive influence. We eventually lost contact with her. We still get updates from her dad and he says she is doing great which is wonderful. Hopefully we can get in touch with each other soon and pick up were we left off and just get to know each other better. Truthfully Jennifer is a great person. At this time she new she was doing the right thing in some form or another. Those choices impacted her life in very positive and negative was, but she did them all for a reason and that reason I may never know. I believe that no one should have to grow up to fast.