This I Believe

Allie - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that everyone should make good choices. Making good choices doesn’t always mean following the rules though.

I believe that everyone should make good choices, no matter what the choice is about. It could be between life and death, an A or a B on a test, or just about anything in life. My cousin hasn’t made some good choices lately. About two years ago, she got married to a really nice and sweet guy who loved her very much. But, he was about 27 or 28. She had made a bad choice because he was a lot older than her and she had just gotten out of high school. Then less than a year later, they got a divorce, probably because she was too young.

Making good choices can also mean going what you believe in. doing what you believe can sometimes mean that you break the law. Making a protest or a strike and be considered breaking the law, even though some people might think it’s right, and some people might think it’s wrong, but it all depends in the cause of the protest or strike.

I believe that people should make good choices in friends. I believe that friends can the way anyone acts. If I choose friends that I know can be a bad influence, eventually I would turn out like them. But if I choose friends that are good people, which I do, then I will not be a bad student.

One last thing about making good choices is that telling the truth is a good choice even if it does hurt yourself or someone else. And a lot of the time, it helps the friendship or relationship. In the end, most people will forgive and forget what happened.

I believe in making good choices. Even if it does hurt, you should still make the best choices possible.